Invu Magic Mirrors

INVU Launches Revolutionary Magic Mirror Technology

To showcase INVU’s ultra polarized lens technology Swiss Eyewear Group has integrated the latest LCD technology into an elegant, high-end glass mirror. The result : a stunning polarized mirror display that enables consumers to experience the true magic of ultra polarized lenses while trying on their favourite INVU sunglasses.

“This is the new silent salesman for every optician who wants to benefit from the increased demand for polarized sunglasses” says Jerry Dreifuss, CEO of Swiss Eyewear Group. “In the last five years INVU has become a global leader in high quality, affordable polarized sunglasses and this amazing innovation will further increase sell out and INVU’s leadership position.”

Invu Magic Mirror

Swiss Eyewear Group will present the new state-of-the-art Magic Mirrors as a world premier during the Silmo Fair along with the new 2020 INVU sunglass collections at the booth of ADCL, INVU’s distribution partner in France, in Hall 6 F074.


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