Italia Independent And J F Rey- Partnership Officially Revealed At Opti Munich 2014

 J.F. Rey and Italia Independent are joining forces to create a limited-edition series of prescription and sunglasses frames.
Impressionambiant-coupleFeaturing an irresistibly bold and colourful style that perfectly blends the two brands’ distinctive traits. Spontaneous and highly up to date, this new collection promises to seduce fashion and design lovers, launching an Italo-French partnership officially revealed at Opti Munich 2014. A creative challenge in which I-I and J.F. Rey will be pooling their talents: the Italian Group’s lifestyle universe will be paired with the French designer’s exceptional ability.

“Italia Independent is known for its expertise in surface treatments, such as its I-V line with incredible velvety effect, or its I-THERMIC line, which reacts to heat. It has been very interesting to experiment the combination between our silk-effect engraving technology and a surface treatment with exceptional aesthetic qualities,” commented Jean-Francois Rey, Chairman of J.F. Rey.

jf-rey-2A one-of-a-kind pioneer of the international high-end optics market, Jean-Francois Rey as one of the first to revolutionize the eyewear industry through a strong sensitivity aimed at exalting the design factor.Recognized for his visionary spirit and unique talent in the use of hightech materials, his collections have received multiple awards at the global level.

Italia Independent is a creative and stylish brand for independent people that blends fashion and design, tradition and innovation.Italia Independent updates Made in Italy by revisiting the classic icons,operating in the eyewear field and creating lifestyle products belonging to different sectors, exporting the Italian style into a global world.

“We are extremely pleased and enthusiastic to collaborate with a brand such as J.F. Rey and to bring together two highly innovative, vibrant companies constantly in search of cutting-edge products from the standpoint of both style and materials. I am certain that this is only the >beginning of a long-term partnership capable of combining the creativity and originality of Italy and France and presenting them to the entire world.” Added Andrea Tessitore, CEO of Italia Independent Group SpA.


The collection consists of two shapes, one inspired by the Italian spirit and the other by the French spirit of the partnership. The design of the first glasses evoke Italia Independent’s most iconic model, the 090, featuring metal frames.Available in both prescription and sun versions, the glasses are produced in four colours, embellished by a surface treatment that crosses the frames horizontally, resulting in light effects on the surface of the glasses.



5598-033This is a distinctive trait of the J.F. Rey line, the particular characteristics of which are the presence of flowing lines engraved into the frames and a special “brushed” effect with a slight silk accent. The second model, available in prescription version only, is inspired by a
traditional shape for J.F. Rey, rectangular and linear. Characterized by the same surface treatment as the first model, it is also available in four lively colours.

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