Katharina Schlager Withdraws From Her Active Position At Andy Wolf

Katharina Schlager, founding member and shareholder, of the Austrian eye-wear company ANDY WOLF EYEWEAR, is withdrawing from the operative business at her own request…

ANDY WOLF EYEWEAR, an Austrian eye-wear company, was founded by Katharina Schlager together with Wolfgang Scheucher  and Andreas Pirkheim  in 2006. Katharina Schlager was the Creative Director and CEO of the company.  She recently announced her decision to withdraw from the operative business but to continue to remain only as a shareholder.

She quoted that, “In the last 12 years, I have never asked myself the question, which glasses allow
you to really set your sights on success, how you can banish setbacks from the corner of your eye, or how you can correct personal points of view with regard to your career”

“The “Andy Wolf” company was my whole focus and determined every moment of my life. Professionally and privately. With great enthusiasm, I have manifested the economic success of Andy Wolf worldwide, together with our whole team, and established wide circles way beyond the geographical horizon. A look at my life and my professional role confirmed to me, there is still a great deal to do. Above all sharpen viewpoints to confront the future. And that is exactly what I have set my sights on next. I will take  time out from the business to have time to myself and to be with my family. To give my creativity the time and space that it deserves. I will continue to stay in the company as a shareholder and rely on our great team. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me in the last 12 years. Without you, Andy Wolf would not be what it is today.”


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