Lenskart’s Unbreakable Lens Breaks At The Launch…

India’s fastest growing eyewear business hits a roadblock…

One of the fastest growing eyewear business of India, Lenskart, promised a lot with its new innovation of Unbreakable Lenses. Made of advanced impact-resistant material MR-8 (Mitsui Resin), with very high tensile strength, the idea of this product had taken the market by storm. The company claimed it to be Unbreakable/Break-Resistant, however the launch came as a misfortune.

With the YouTube sensation, Bhuvan Bam as the ambassador, the brand hosted a big promotional event at Ambience Mall, Gurugram, where Bhuvan was asked to stamp the eyewear to prove the durability of the product. Perhaps, Bhuvan stamped the eyewear too hard resulting in breaking the Unbreakable Lens. The crowd went wild after the mishap and started chanting ‘Toot Gaya, Toot Gaya’ (meaning – It Broke).

VisionPlus contacted the Lenskart head office to get their side of the story, but so far has received no response.

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