Mad In Italy Exclusive Distribution

Vista Eyewear and Villa eyewear entered into an agreement where Villa Eyewear becomes the exclusive distributor for the Mad in Italy collection

Vista Eyewear has over 30 years of experience in the production of eyeglasses and sunglasses and is known for its research and innovation. Since 2009, Mad In Italy brings together a unique blend of style and technology. With the extensive use of Carbon Fiber, titanium and colourful nylon, the collection has a bold and unique personality.

rsz_20150211-sedanoColoured uses of carbon fiber in different treatments embellish the temples that are adjustable for a comfortable fit (MadInItaly styles such as Aosta, Dante, Enzo, Milano). Several technological solutions such as the screw-less invisible hinge, the silk coating, and the anti-scratches carbon enhances the ultimate consumer experience.

Mad In Italy styles – Aosta

Iridescent nylon fronts with mirror, multicolour and 3D effects make the frame light but strong with a weight under 8 grams (Madup! such as Lattuga, Cicoria, Bietola).

Unique colorful patchwork creates glasses that are different from one another for women with strong personalities. Inspired by butterfly wings, tropical fish and rare flowers, the MadFun collection was conceived for confident and enterprising women (MadFun such as Girasole, Ibisco, Mimosa).

Villa Eyewear exclusively specialises in the distribution of 100% Italian brands in the US market. This new partnership comes as a response to the increased demand for high quality and innovative design by the US consumers. Villa Eyewear becomes the ultimate destination for exclusive Italian fashion.


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