Mido 2013: What it meant for visitors from India



How did Mido 2013 fare for the Indian distributors. Read below their reactions to Mido 2013.


Deepak-Panchamia,-MD,-Pearl“I have been attending Mido event since 1988 and thus am no stranger to the event. Mido is an exciting event with a lot of buzz regarding new styles and concepts showcased by the best global eyewear brands. This year was no different as many leading brands worked hard to showcase their collections, new ideas and innovations. Mido is an important event in the calendar of any businessman in the optical trade as it allows one to capture the global trends in the eyewear business. It allows them to network with different competitors and different eyewear brands to forge new alliances and partnerships.

While this year’s Mido was as usual exciting and promising, it could have done with an extra day as it becomes virtually impossible to attend all the exhibition pavilions and producers in a limited time of three days. Mido could do with another day so that participation becomes more meaningful when an attendee is able to meet all suppliers and visit all the brand booths.

Mido continues to remain in its full pomp and glory as usual but one did notice a lack of participation by individual customers from across the globe. It could possibly be a sign of the global slowdown, which the eyewear industry is also not immune from.

Yes, we certainly will be attending Mido next year. For everyone, Mido continues to be the annual pilgrimage, being the Mecca of the eyewear world. It is a wonderful opportunity to partake in and to learn about the global happenings in the eyewear world and one roof under which to meet the competitors and global principals alike.”

– Deepak Panchamia, MD, Pearl Enterprise

Ketan-Parikh“Mido 2013 was definitely affected by the recession going on in many European countries with reduced business for most companies. But it will continue to remain the most important eyewear event in the world. It is still one of the most important trade fairs in the world for the eyewear industry where all the biggest brands are showcased and it is important for all large eyewear players to attend this event. Most companies showcase their new releases during Mido. I have been attending Mido for over 20 years and as usual this year too, it was held on a very large scale. If there is one thing, however that could be enhanced in the event it is the frequency of transportation. But despite everything, I will still attend Mido 2014.”

– Ketan Parikh, MD, Sterling Group

Manish-Shah“I have been visiting Mido for many years now, plan for it in advance. It’s a global forum for all major players in the optical trade line as professionals meet for an up-close experience of the world of eyewear in all its many facets. It changes the entire perspective of how we look at business and makes us think on a more global scale. Mido brings together the optical fraternity from all across the globe under one roof, so one has a feel and understanding into the fashion trends prevailing in each other’s operating markets. Planning ones business becomes easier and future plans can be determined and worked upon in accordance to product design and the collections.

Every year brings something new to trade fair and this year was no exception. Mido paves the way for future fashion. What stood out for me this year was Police celebrating its 30 years inside the venue. Everything was planned to pin point accuracy this year. And I will be definitely be there in 2014 as well!”

– Manish Shah, MD, Ronak Optik

Ronak-Sheth“Eternity Lifestyles has a very long association with Mido. I have been attending Mido since 1998. I was present at the trade fair in 2013. And I have to say that Mido has retained its key elements this year as well. However, there wasn’t much innovation or newness in the fair.

From a business perspective, Mido was useful for our company because we got to see more of the international trends and we also got to see new brands at the event. The ‘Village Area’ and the ‘Fashion Area’ was buzzing with more activity this year, which was a welcome sign. I am already looking forward to Mido 2014 and will definitely be there.

– Ronak Sheth, MD, Eternity Lifestyles

sunny-lokhandwala“I have been attending Mido since the past nine years. As this is the world’s best optical trade fair that sees the participation of almost all international eyewear and vision care brands, you can see and learn more about the latest products and understand the latest ongoing trends as well as get a peek into the upcoming trends. The unique part of this year’s Mido was the range of optical frames in acetate with wonderful colours and styling with designs on temples and big shapes. There were the cat eye shapes for women in spectacles and even in sunglasses which are really popular now.

From a business perspective too Mido is very useful because every year you learn a lot from the leading people in the trade. You come to know about the trends not only in fashion and designs, but also in the business. And based on this knowledge you can develop products with some changes as per our market’s needs. I, for one, will hopefully will be a part of Mido 2014.

– Sunny Lokhandwala, MD, RockyM Optimor


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