Nova: Vision Meets Fashion

Nova, the internationally recognised brand is offering  vision solutions that are high on both technology and fashion to meet the demands of the modern day wearers

consumer-leaflet-1Nova is the flagship brand of Vision Rx Lab, a well-known provider of innovative eye-care solutions across the world for around 59 years. It is an international brand offering a vast portfolio of premium eye-care products, ranging from advanced digital lenses, fashionable frames to Rx sunglasses.

It has been 10 years since Nova has been launched in India. The journey of this premium brand started with the launch of Nova Plus in the year 2006, introducing Digital PAL & SV lenses in India, designed with Digi Contour Technology. Following the success of Nova Plus, other advanced progressive lenses were introduced over the years to meet the growing demands for lightweight progressive lenses with superior vision and better aesthetics.

Later on, Nova further expanded the brand portfolio, by venturing into other eyewear categories like fashionable frames, Rx sunglasses and swimming goggles.

Nova_HD_full-ad_03112015-(1)Commenting on the brand strategy and repositioning, Pammi Jamalpuria, GM, Corporate Marketing from Vision RX Lab said, “Today, Vision cannot be isolated unlike before, when lenses were only synonymous with vision correction. We believe that the modern day customer is fashion conscious and leads a dynamic lifestyle. This lifestyle includes handling various types of digital devices, multi-tasking with vision correction as a necessary prerequisite. Nova aptly fulfils these requirements by creating lenses which are aesthetically thin and cosmetically appealing for a suitable appearance.

Products like Nova Trufit allow consumers to wear stylish & curved frames without compromising on optics. In addition to that we have fashionable Rx sunglasses which come with Nova Sun Rx lenses for a very wide range of prescriptions for different age groups and lifestyles. Thus an amalgamation of vision and fashion is the new mantra in the eyewear industry, and hence ‘Vision meets Fashion’ has become the motto of our brand Nova.”

Q & A With Pammi Jamalpuria From Vision RX Lab

Pammi Jamalpuria, GM-Corporate Marketing, Vision Rx Lab

Pammi Jamalpuria, GM-Corporate Marketing, Vision Rx Lab talks about the brand Nova, road ahead and its current portfolio of products

VisionPlus(VP): What are the current products being offered under the brand?

Pammi Jamalpuria (PJ):  The latest from brand Nova is the high-end individualised progressive lens Nova HD, which takes into account the patient’s lifestyle, frame & eye parameters and produces a personalised lens for every visual need. The success of this product in the market has earned it a nomination at the prestigious Vision-X VP Awards 2015 in the most popular lens (progressive) category.

Our current offerings also include different ranges of progressives like Nova Trendfree – the Value Digital PAL lens with a wide vision, Nova Plus – Digital PAL & Digital SV lenses, Nova Tiny – Premium Digital PAL lenses for ultra-short frames, Nova Office – Digital Occupational lens series for enhanced intermediate vision, and Nova Easy – Digital SV lens designed to give relief from eye-fatigue.

We also specialise in Digital SV & PAL lenses for wrap-around sunglasses like Nova Sports – one of the few brands available in this category in the market.

VP: What are the differentiating factors in the Nova products when compared to other products in its category?

PJ: Nova lenses are 100% digitally processed and are available in the widest range of materials – from CR 39 to 1.74 Clear /Transitions and Polarised, with a variety of coatings.

Nova is a holistic eye-care brand which offers a complete range of eye-care products, from digital lenses to frames, Rx sunglasses and swimming goggles.

Further, to meet the requirements of active and dynamic lifestyle of consumers, Nova offers various categories of lenses to cater to particular visual requirements such as relief from eye-fatigue, for sports, for office environment and progressives for different visual needs, which come with different designs and individual parameters.

VP: Elaborate on the infrastructure that Vision RX lab has

PJ: We have a vast infrastructure equipped with the cutting-edge technology in digital surfacing, coating and edging to produce the best lenses that conform to ISO, CE and FDA standards.

The Infrastructure of Nova is clubbed with excellent services to help serve our customers better. We have 19 manufacturing labs including digital labs and 48 service centres spread across the country that help us in our mission of delivering better vision solutions.

These labs operate 24X7 with a team of experienced and well trained people and a service team that works round the clock to serve our customers around the globe.

VP: What are the markets that these products are being targeted towards?

PJ: Our extensive range of products is already very popular in international markets like Europe, USA, UAE, Australia and Asia. Following the international success, we introduce innovative categories in India to meet the growing demands of the Indian consumers too.

In India, Nova targets mid to mid-high segment consumers, who are leading a dynamic and active lifestyle and are looking for options for clear and comfortable vision.


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