Omega And Marcolin Group Announce Partnership

Omega and Marcolin Group partner up to create Omega branded sunglasses

Omega_marcolinOmega, the iconic Swiss watchmaker, and Marcolin Group, among the worldwide leading eyewear company, have agreed to an exclusive collaboration to create Omega branded sunglasses.

The first summer collection will be available exclusively in Omega boutiques around the world from August 2016 with inspiration for the sunglasses taken from Omega’s strong heritage and timepiece design. This has enabled many aesthetic and technical design details that make each pair unique.

Maurizio Marcolin, Style and Licensing Officer Marcolin Group
Maurizio Marcolin, Style and Licensing Officer Marcolin Group

Omega and Marcolin Group have worked closely together to co-design the eyewear collection and their shared commitment to quality, luxury and precision has ensured that the highest standard of product has been reached.

Similarly, both groups are known for their principles regarding innovation and progressive thinking. With that in mind, there has been a determined attempt to offer customers new products with original touches.

Commenting on the launch, Raynald Aeschlimann, President & CEO of Omega, said: “This is an exciting step for Omega because it leads our brand into new areas of creativity. With our long history, there is real brand substance and authenticity to work with and we have ensured that it is truly represented in every pair of sunglasses. It’s also been beneficial to share this project with Marcolin Group, as their renowned expertise and background with high-level brands has allowed us to produce some fantastic products. For customers, this is a chance to find new ways to express personal style and a passion for our brand”.

Raynald Aeschlimann, President & CEO, Omega
Raynald Aeschlimann, President & CEO, Omega

Maurizio Marcolin, Style and Licensing Officer Marcolin Group, affirmed: “We are very pleased to have reached this agreement with Omega and proud to be selected as a partner in the debut of the company’s eyewear category. It is a confirmation of our unique ability to interpret the brand’s DNA and convey it in the design of each eyewear style”.

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