Polaroid Eyewear is back, offering ultimate eyewear in style!

Polaroid Eyewear pioneers polarized lens technology and is a worldwide leader in eye-care and optics. The name Polaroid refers to the invention that changed the world of technology and optics – especially the polarized lenses.


It was 1929 when the scientist Edwin Land invented the first synthetic polarizing filter, a breakthrough invention that is still the basis of all polarized eyewear, photo lenses and screens manufactured today. Since then Polaroid continues to research into technology and design, evolving its great expertise to achieve even better results in terms of eye protection, clarity of vision and wearable comfort.

Over the years Polaroid has strengthened its reputation as a world leader in polarized lens technology and is one of the world’s best known and most trusted eyewear brands.

In April 2012, Polaroid Eyewear joined the Safilo Group. The proprietary brand’s portfolio has been enriched by this iconic brand with its extraordinary history of innovation and passion.

F8302CBy becoming a part of Safilo, Polaroid embodies the opportunity to increase the offer of polarized products, whilst strengthening the Safilo Group, in a business area which is the single fastest growing trend in the market producing constant double digit growth in each and every country. Polaroid’s polarized lenses will be further developed and constantly improved in order to become not only a component of Polaroid sunglasses but they will also become an integrated supplier of lenses for other brands in the Safilo portfolio, including diffusion and fashion brands.

P8328AUniting a brand with a strong heritage and matchless quality with a worldwide leading Group in eyewear that focuses deeply on design and brand building can only be a successful partnership as the Polaroid expertise in technology, combined with the wide experience and international presence of Safilo, enhances prestige and strengthens the position of both companies around the world.

Today Polaroid is the key brand for those who want to wear timelessly stylistic and high quality lenses in a unique combination of technical performance and inspiring design. Every pair of sunglasses features premium Polaroid UltraSight™ polarized lenses to ensure perfect vision, high protection and comfort at its best.  Polaroid covers different product categories with different price ranges: polarized sunglasses, children’s sunglasses, clip-ons, sun covers, premium 3D glasses and also optical frames (selected countries only)


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