Levis fall winter eyewear collection 2013

Light Up Your Eyes 

An aerodynamic design makes this series as lightweight as possible, perfect for maximum comfort and ease for both men and women.


levis-press-releases-3Vintage Playful

Stylish metal nose bridge and nose pads that are unsurpassed in comfort are evident in the LS04001.Its vintage playful look is punctuated with an extraordi­ nary retro light brown color as well as its muddy yellow.

The new designs are flourished with a flexible, custom-made hinge and comfortable nose pads, and embellished with the round plastic decor on temple tips. Prepare to create your own unique identity with these revolutionary Levi’s® looks this season.The stitch decor with the Levi’s® Housemark logo adorns the temple making it undeniably Levi’s®.



levis-press-releases-33Stitch Decor

Levi’s® rocked the fashion circuit when it introduced the stitch decor for its jeans. It has become the trademark of jeans fashion. The stitch decor with the Levi’s® Housemark logo adorns the temple making it undeniably Levi’s@ Meanwhile,LS06212 has a more all-purpose eyeshape that’s fit for any occasion.

The stitch decor with the Levi’s® Housemark logo adorns the temple making it undeniably Levi’s®.



levis-press-releases-4Everlasting Look

Handsome acetate style LS60057 is completed with a silk-printed Levi’s® House­ mark logo for an everlasting look. Nevertheless, both styles have a wooden-feel finish on the front part of the temple and highlighted by a metal decor.

Wooden-feel finish on the front part of the temple and highlighted by a metal decor to complete a refreshing style.




Inspired by the feminine belt designs, the eye shape of this series have a more feminine touch to them but still without losing its edgy appeal.The LSL6062 has a cateye-like eyeshape that is all the rage. Its highlight however is its beautiful gradient purple color for a stronger sense of individuality. The LSL6064 exceeds all expectations with its slim lightweight fit, perfect for women. The colors are vibrant and eye-popping like purple and red. A metal Levi’s® Wordmark can be found beside the rings for an added touch of authenticity.




levis-press-releases-5Playful Round

Levi’s® breaks free of conventional constraints with this collection’s chic eyeshapes. Half-rim LS92011 displays a playful round eye shape, while thin metal temples and acetate end tips create a distinctive and eye-catching color contrast. The tortoiseshell color option, featuring green-grey lenses, blends youthful fashion sensibilities with vintage appeal.




Bold Outlineslevis-press-releases-55

As a trendsetting brand always looking to break new ground, Levi’s® is at the forefront with new models and bold outlines. The flat-topped frame of LS92010 is accented by metal trim at the front temples for a spark of cool personal style, and offers a clever wood-patterned color option bearing intricate details.






levis-press-releases-6Classy Double Bridged

Model LS10047Z metal sunglasses sport a classy double-bridged design and paired with printed Levi’s® Housemark logo and step down acetate temple tips, creating a stylish and fashion identity.





levis-press-releases-66Comfort and Style

Popular flat-topped sunglasses LS20029Z combining with fine and eye-popping acetate temple highlighted with metal piece, offering wearers the very greatest in comfort and style.






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