The new Roberto Cavalli Eyewear Collection: Inspired by Water

Its force flowing without obstacles and adapting to all shapes dominates the earth and the flames of fire. Able to conceal Atlantis and give birth to Aphrodite.

Water is the inspiring element for the capsule sunglasses collection designed by Roberto Cavalli Eyewear and made by Marcolin. Dedicated to a free, determined and elegant woman, this collection and its three enchanting models originate with the new Roberto Cavalli perfume.

rc781s_75bThe glasses are gifted with irresistible appeal as the shaded lenses allow the eyes to shine through becoming the engaging protagonists and the unmistakeable main characteristic of the Cavalli woman.

From the springs of modern design Acqua (RC781S) is born. Its shape is wide and feminine, equipped with metal logo and rims which adorn the solid acetate frames.


rc782s_32bAcqua comes in four different colours with matching shaded lenses and interprets the fresh rushing intensity of a river only willing to be contained by the sensuality of a confident woman.

The Hydra (RC782S) is a model which brings to mind the fresh, gentle waters of a lake and reflects time on its surface through a light fascinating silhouette. The linear metal frames are available in gold, palladium and bronze and are combined with colour transparencies which provide the glasses with a unique charisma.

rc783s_32wThe Stilla (RC783S) model completes the collection with its frontal supported by slim upper rims which seem to have been smoothed by the everlasting waves of the ocean. Its luminous profile is slim and sophisticated and its exclusivity derives from the ornate temples which feature two crystal drops framing the House logo.

A collection created for a positive and confident woman with innate glamour, destined to leave her elegant mark in the fashion world.

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