Rolf Spectacles Scores Another Red Dot Award

Rolf Spectacles received their third Red Dot Award, this time, for a design made out of horn


ROLF-arabella-71-detail-red-dot-2014The Austrian company won the award for the model ‘Arabella71’, a part of the company’s ‘advanced horn collection’.

The unique frame lends a touch of glamour to the design, with its elegant smooth lines and efficient use of exotic materials. The frame has been honoured with the award for the high standards of design quality.

The Red Dot Award, origins of which date back to 1955, is one of the most renowned design awards worldwide, and provides an internationally recognized seal of excellent design quality.

This is the third such award for Rolf Spectacles, after winning in 2010 for Olmpia 04 from the ‘main wood’ collection and in 2012 for Skylark 41 from their ‘main stone’ collection.

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