Safilens to present OPEN30 for the first time at MIDO

Milan, March 2013 – The commitment to research and development and  
process of growth at Safilens, the leading Italian contact lens  
company, continues with the company’s debut at MIDO to launch its  
new innovative contact lens product: OPEN 30.

SWG2OPEN 30 is the first monthly silicone hydrogel contact lens based on the company’s much praised patented Fusion Technology.

The result of 3 years’ R&D, OPEN 30 is an extremely sophisticated state-of-the-art contact lens product, created exclusively by an Italian team to guarantee the completely natural and prolonged wellbeing of the eyes.

Thanks to the application of new biomaterials over the last ten years, contact lens technology has taken some important steps forward to be able to improve the wellbeing of contact lens users. However, conditions such as dry eye syndrome, eye dehydration, increased osmolarity and deposit build-up are clinical implications of primary  importance. These conditions are often the origin of pathologies and declines in comfort. The high incidence of these side effects is worrying: the percentage of contact lens wearers who interrupt their contact lens wear owing to complications of different kinds is equal to 10-15% annually, a percentage which increases to over 40% when you take into account those who have difficulties during contact lens usage. This means that over 50% of contact lens wearers require a greater “physiological comfort”, and a state of complete visual-ocular well-being.

OPEN 30 was created out of the desire to produce a Minimal Side Effect contact lens. This objective has been reached, not just through the use of the innovative material, Filcon 5 – the new patented bio-silicone hydrogel at the base of the lens – but also by  means of a careful analysis of each aspect of the interaction between the contact lens and the upper segment face to eliminate the most common causes of  “rejection” with state-of-the-art solutions. This has been achieved with absolute respect for the physiology of
the eye.

OPEN30The launch of OPEN 30 signals a new exciting achievement for  Safilens, as does the company’s presence at the most important  international trade fair for the optical sector. The company’s  participation at MIDO follows Safilens’ recent presentation at OPTI  MUNICH 2013 for the official launch of its Fusion Technology in the European marketplace.

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