Silmo Istanbul 2016: Growing Internationally

After another fair success for the fourth time, Silmo Istanbul winded up proving its importance for the optic sector at both national and international base…

When: 8-11 December, 2016

Where: Istanbul Fair Centre, Yeşilköy

Silmo Istanbul 2016 performed by the cooperation of Silmo International and 24 Saat Fuarcılık took more innovational initiatives this year. The event included a set of 116 national and international exhibitor firms’ collections, glasses cases, optical lenses, contact lenses, accessories and all new technological developments of optic sector along with visitors from all across the globe and nearly 600 brands.

With the mission of bringing together and improving Turkish Optical Sector with Europe, Asia, Eurasia and Near Middle East optical sectors, Silmo Istanbul 2016 completed its success role.

The optical fair hosted 8,871 visitors including the participation of 108 national, 8 international, 5 universities, confederation and associations of the sector. The amount of international visitors this year increased to 82 percent and reached to 1,032 people as compared to 2015 which was 565 in 2015. Because of this increase of the international visitors in the fair, Silmo Istanbul is now better known as an international platform that helped to grow Turkey’s trade volume. Hence, this show has importance for Middle Eastern states as they see it as a trade centre.

Visitors enjoyed the chance to see fashion glasses from past to the present, montage techniques, manufacturer stages that are used for eye examination.
The dates for the next show have been announced to be held on 3 November, 2017. Silmo Istanbul, in a very short time, has gained the title of an international fair and thus it plans to expand its coverage area each year by providing cooperation between national and international firms, branding, services to design and services to exhibitors, visitors with providing innovative products.


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