Supplementing Practice Income At Optrafair London

Optrafair London has the key to supplementing your practice income and driving patient loyalty with a host of new technologies and practice building ideas.

Eye health products – a reliable supplement to practice income and continuing business – are the major focus for several suppliers at next April’s show: Optrafair London, Olympia 11-13 April.


Bondeye is proud to be exhibiting at the first Optrafair London -“After a very successful Optrafair Birmingham 2013 we welcome Optrafair London,” said Richard Harvey, Product Development Manager.

“We will be showcasing our newly improved and extended eye health portfolio which includes the new Areds 2 based formula of Macushield Gold. Alongside that will be Lagad Lacrima, a nutritional supplement to be used as a standalone treatment, or as part of a regime, in the management of Dry eye and MGD, recommended by leading ophthalmologists,” he said.

Bondeye is planning new launches for the London show to provide the tools for excellent clinical advice and eye care. “Eye health products are the fastest growing area of the business, with clinical proof on the efficiency of such treatments, it provides opticians with a great source to significantly increase revenue,” said Richard.

Macuvision aims to do “everything we can to help practices to promote supplements with free patient leaflets, glare measurement cards and our website which includes clinical articles,” according to David Reid, Macuvision Sales and Marketing Manager.

“Often a route to introduce the concept of supplements is to speak to patients about night driving vision.  We believe Macuvision helps to rebuild the natural filter and improves visual comfort for people who struggle with glare at night.  For older patients the message is protecting themselves against macular degeneration.

“From a commercial angle this is a great.  When you look at an average dispensing value of £165, repeated every three years, supplements represent an average income of £12.50 per month  – which over 36 months gives an income of £460.  Month on month direct debits and auto-shipment work in the same way as contact lens deliveries,” he added.

Macuvision also sees Optrafair London as an excellent opportunity to source new international distributors in Europe, the Middle East and Asia thanks to the broad international appeal of the show.

lowres-Eye-Bar-AREDSAltacor is delighted to be supporting the first London Optrafair exhibition with two new innovative ocular health products. “Optrafair London gives us access to potential new business and raises awareness of our brands to a wider audience,” said Lee Woodward, Alcator National Account Manager.

Of particular news value is the EyeBar® and EyeTabs® chocolate bar based on AREDS2 formula, with tastings available at the show – “EyeBar is a quality chocolate individually wrapped which contains all the essential vitamins and minerals, plus lutein and Zeaxanthin (LZ) to help maintain healthy vision. It is a more enjoyable way to supplement eye health – a real game changer – which is being recommended by UK ophthalmologists to patients with, or at risk, or AMD,” said Lee.

He cited a recent study which showed that 40% of people have difficulty swallowing tablets, especially the elderly, so that this product has the potential to “reshape the ocular vitamin market”. The Cambridge-based company will also be promoting the Clinitas® Soothe® and Clinitas® Hydrate® dry eye products.

lowres-OcuviteAdult50plusBausch + Lomb also has a strong presence in the supplement market, as Tom Bailey, B+L Regional Sales Manager, said –

“Bausch + Lomb is happy to be promoting our range of contact lenses and contact lens care at Optrafair London. We are bringing along our best-selling Ocuvite Complete range which is available to help build business with opticians in the growing ocular nutritionals market.”

He stressed the importance of a healthy diet, but “like other parts of our body, our eyes need specific nutrients to ensure they function at their best. Omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, zeaxanthin, zinc and antioxidants, such as vitamins A, and C, E, are all essential nutrients for maintaining healthy vision.  A diet rich in foods such as oily fish, leafy greens, nuts and seeds help us to get these vital nutrients.”

Tom said that evidence from the National Diet and Nutrition Survey shows that “a significant proportion of the UK population simply does not achieve nutritional sufficiency through diet alone and most multivitamin supplements do not contain enough nutrients, or the right type, to keep eyes healthy”.

“Ocuvite® Complete is an advanced supplement, formulated to provide nutritional support for the eye based on the most current research. Containing high quality omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, zeaxanthin, zinc and vitamins C and E, Ocuvite® Complete is a comprehensive source of all the nutrients proven to maintain normal vision. As none of these nutrients are naturally produced by the body it is vital we obtain the required amounts from a combination of diet and nutritional supplements,” added Tom.

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