#THEWAYEYEWEAR, the art of living (well) on the web – by Vogue Eyewear

#thewayeyewear is Vogue Eyewear’s new fashion video to present the new Color Breeze collection.

Vogue-Eyewear-videoAfter its first fashion video with singer Aurélie Saada (from the duo Brigitte) last year, in this episode 2 Vogue Eyewear once again asks a style icon to be the face behind the frames: popular French singer-songwriter Mai Lan wrote an original song that evokes all of the small habits that make eyewear into an indispensable fashion accessory in every situation, 10 daily-life situations with their hashtag. Party time all night long? What’s best than your #maydaylunettes to be the perfect day-after solution. Tired of over accessorizing yourself? With #girlsbetfriend, Vogue Eyewear is even better than diamonds.

The unique voice of Mai Lan accompanies the stars of #thewayeyewear through several different situations. Each time, the colors change – just like the models of the frames they are wearing. In fact, this multi-colored collection was created for women who express their own unique personality through fashion trends.

Opaline and pop style at the same time, the frames used for the Vogue Eyewear summer collection stand out because of their unconventional design and a range of bright summer colors.

Mai Lan fits into Vogue Eyewear’s glamour style perfectly, and it makes this unprecedented collaboration really special – which is clearly demonstrated by the over 160,000 viewings on the official Vogue Eyewear YouTube channel just one week!

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