Trussardi Eyewear Chooses Ambassadors For Digital Campaign

French footballer David Trezeguet and Italian singer-songwriter Levante are now the ambassadors for Trussardi Eyewear’s #VisionaryElegance digital campaigntrezeguet-main1 (1)For the #VisionaryElegance digital campaign Trussardi Eyewear has chosen the renowned French footballer David Trezeguet and young Italian singer-songwriter Levante are the official ambassadors

An integrated communication project which, by means of intimate and confidential storytelling, speaks of elegance and talent to present the new line of Trussardi sunglasses, the choice of the project name “#VisionaryElegance” is emblematic. The word ‘Visionary’ clearly evokes two key concepts: ‘Vision’ as a speculative action and ‘Visionary’ as the aptitude to see beyond, the special gift of “he who has talent”. This play on words and meanings harmoniously merges with the levante-main1idea of Trussardi elegance and the talent of the two ambassadors.

The website “” went online from the 18th of March and features images and video content from the Visionary Elegance project. The digital display campaign was launched on all the major fashion, information and lifestyle Italian websites from the 22nd of March. The social campaign will instead be launched on all the Trussardi social networks, as well as on those belonging to Levante and Trezeguet with both dedicated videos and posts.

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