Vision Rx Lab Expands Its Production Capacity In Gurgaon

Vision Rx Lab inaugurated its second state-of-the-art digital lab at its Export Hub in Gurgaon on 11th March, 2016

The inaugural ceremony was led by Chairman, Mr. B.K Gupta, CEO Mr. Sanjiv Gupta and CBO, Mr. Lalit Gupta. Also present at this event were the Group’s top partners from all over the world.

_Vision Rx Lab's Chairman Mr. B K Gupta inaugurating the new lab
Vision Rx Lab’s Chairman Mr. B K Gupta inaugurating the new lab

Established in the year 2009, Vision Rx Lab Gurgaon has grown into a leading Export Lab . It is universally acclaimed as one of the best labs in Asia for the production of digital Rx lenses. With this fully integrated speciality lab, equipped with cutting edge technology in Digital Surfacing, Coatings and Remote edging, Vision Rx Lab has pioneered in creating Nova Digital lenses which became an internationally recognised brand, offering complete eye care solutions with a wide range of lenses that not only offer the most superior vision but are also high on fashion.

Over a span of just 6 years,Vision Rx Lab Gurgaon has established its presence in more than 45 countries across the world, offering high quality Rx and stock lenses.Now with the addition of the new lab to the already existing production facility, the Vision Rx Lab Gurgaon has grown in size to a total of 120,000 sq. ft equipped with the latest technology offering an array of lenses with new-age solutions for UV damage, digital eye strain and eye fatigue with a range of innovative coatings like Satin+UV, Satin+Blue and lenses like Nova Easy.

Vision Rx Lab team with international partners
Vision Rx Lab team with international partners

Vision Rx Lab has made provision for tight quality control to maintain clean environment to ensure no external particle comes in contact with the lenses during processing. Here at this new lab, lenses are processed in cleanrooms having controlled environment, in which the concentration of airborne particles is controlled to specified limits.It has centralized air conditioning to maintain right temperature and humidity, HEPA filters to remove air borne dust particles, air showers at entries to remove dust particles from clothes.

To further enhance the quality of its products and to provide better services, Vision Rx Lab plans to bring on board latest equipment like Auto Quality Control, Stamping machine, Dual Lens Mapper for high quality surface inspection after Digital Surfacing.

Also the group’s production capacity will increase further, once the new lab in Gurgaon is utilized to its fullest capacity in coming months, allowing it to successfully meet the growing demands of the international eye market.


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