Vision-X VP 2015 Awards: The Countdown Begins

The countdown to Vision-X VP 2015 Awards started with a bang as the Jury Meet was hosted at the World Trade Centre in Dubai on October 5, 2015

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 You could feel the energy in the room. 33rd Floor of Dubai World Trade Centre was buzzing with that feeling on October 5, this year. And why not?!

Kian Saadat and Iyad Qawas of Hassans, Saeed Emam and Khaled Mahmoud of Magrabi Optical, Abdulla Yateem and Mathews Jacob of Yateem Opticians, Mamdoh Rouhani and Rayan Rouhani of Saudi Optic House, Saleh Al Shawa and Ahmed Jaber of Al Jaber Optical…and this year Sheila Vance and Ross Vance, Hollywood’s favourite celebrity eyewear designers and creators of Sama Eyewear also joined the esteemed panel of jury members. All of these extremely knowledgeable and influential people of the eyewear industry were in one room shortlisting the best in eyewear and eye care technology that the opticians in the Middle East should be voting for!

It was really an incredible morning where hundreds of entries spanning fifteen different categories passed through their expert scrutiny. The top 5 products in each category will be announced as nominees and will be available for online and offline voting starting October 11th, this year.

“VXVP Awards is a great initiative and it has surely helped in raising the bar for eyewear products in the Middle East. There was a need for benchmarking in this domain and through the VXVP Awards, I believe this is being done successfully. I am so proud to be a part of this event,” was the comment of one of the jury members.

Similar comments and praise for the event came from all the jury members as well. At VisionPlus, we endeavour to exceed such expectations and deliver a bigger event in comparison to last year. The products shortlisted by the jury will be available for opticians’ voting on from October 11 to November 25, this year.
Stay tuned for more updates!

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