What India Wants : The Litmus Test

Optic India 2020 was where everyone got first hand feedback of what India wants. It was where every exhibitor discovered which of the products from their latest collections worked and which did not.

There’s a lot that happens at exhibitions other than networking. It’s where every brand owners experiments are put to test and results declared. Will my concept work? Will my designs in my latest collection be appreciated? Did I forecast right? These are the questions running through their minds.

It’s what the Friday Show used to be for Bollywood. The whole film crew including actors, directors, producers would wait to know what the cinema watching public would decide about the film. Whether the film would be a hit or a flop was almost decided during the first day first show.

Similarly every exhibition where products or brands are launched, it’s a similar experience for exhibitors. Optic India 2020 was no different. We asked a few of the brand owners, exhibiting at Optic India at the end of the show as they now knew what India wanted! Here’s what some of them had to say… Click on link below

What India Wants?

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