Wink Glasses By Masunaga Optical Reminds To Blink

Wink glasses by Masunaga Optical, Japanese eyewear manufacturing company which has been in business for over a hundred years. Recently won Silmo d’Or 2013 ‘Jury’s Special Award’ for its frame, is set to bring fresh innovations.

Masunaga Optical – Wink Glasses

dnews-files-2013-12-wink-glasses-gallery-670-jpgThese are the glasses that will fog up to save ones eyes. The answer to the blinkless staring at computer screens which may lead to computer vision syndrome, with a range of temporary symptoms like headache, dry eyes and double vision.

Masunaga Optical is working on a solution, at least for the dry eyes. The Japanese company has created Wink Glasses — spectacles that fog up for a fraction of a second every 10 seconds. This split-second opaqueness causes wearers to blink, thus moisturizing their eyes. The glasses weigh slightly more than regular frames and include a small battery in the left temple piece that’s connected to the lenses, which are covered with liquid crystal sheets. The fogging mode can be activated by a small button on the right temple piece.

winkglassesjpgIdeal for video gamers as well as bookworms and for those who are involved in activities that reduce the amount of natural blinking. Powered by a couple of Zinc-air batteries (PR41), the Wink Glasses will turn the glass opaque by filling its sheet with a transparent liquid crystal if it detects you have not blinked in the last five seconds. A blink will reverse the situation back to normal.Wink Glasses are available for $150 in Japan and can be fitted with prescription lenses for an extra charge.

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