Zense 7622-28: Exclusive biodegradable frames from ProDesign

With these biodegradable acetate material frames, ProDesign is facing society and working with sustainable development and the present environmental debate.

7622-28_image_09These frames are made in an exclusive biodegradable acetate material. The process of making this is very gentle and supports sustainability. They resemble the beauty and depth of a real wood material with the grain details of the wood made visible by brushing the surface of the material.

The frames were inspired by the desire to create a high fashion, stylish and intelligent look, designed for the urban, environmentally conscious female and male. The “natural look” is the inspiration behind the design, a trend that contains artsy, heavy retro shapes with depth and weight, but in a highly clean and classic way. Very bold frames, re-designed from those great shapes of the past, almost like a cigar box in heavy wood.



In this collection you will find frames made of two different wood-structures – one light one dark, to create a dynamic forest look. Also you will find beautiful combinations with two tone coloring and one layered wood-structure.  As an exciting contrast the hinge is kept in the original raw condition and adds a clean, streamlined look to the overall design. The colors are of course inspired by the natural tones of the forest. It comes in 9 shapes in 3-4 colors each, 5 masculine, 2 feminine and 2 unisex.

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