Balancing the Needs of Your Contact Lens Patients

Bausch + Lomb Biotrue® ONEday daily disposable contact lenses are uniquely designed for today’s lens wearers says Thomas Arnold, OD Today’s Vision Sugar Land, TX

When a cutting-edge lens product hits the market, it’s a sure bet our eye care practice will be among the first to adopt. Our entire staff—from office personnel to lab technicians to the optometrists themselves—are immersed in contact lens advancements and are skilled at listening to patients and communicating new options and technology. Our every interaction assures patients that the quality of their lens-wearing experience is our main priority.

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While we carry multiple options to meet our patients’ diverse lifestyles, Bausch + Lomb Biotrue® ONEday
daily disposable contact lenses are the workhorse of our practice. The unique, bio-inspired material features 78% water content (the same as the cornea) and mimics the lipid layer of the tear film to prevent dehydration and help maintain a steady optical surface.1 These attributes allow the lens to maintain more than 98% of its moisture for long hours of wear and provides comfortable vision throughout the day.

2 Biotrue® ONEday lenses provide a convenient and healthy option for a wide range of our patients, including those that spend long hours using computers and other digital devices and those that only want to wear lenses occasionally.

One of my newer patients, an accountant who had previously been fitted with monthly disposable contact lenses,
said he wore glasses at work, reserving the lenses for outdoor recreation. I mentioned that one-day disposable lenses are ideal for people like him who don’t wear lenses full-time.

Moreover, I felt it was impractical for him to hang on to a six-month or annual supply of monthly lenses and the accompanying lens-cleaning supplies. With Bausch + Lomb Biotrue® ONEday daily disposable lenses, he could forget about the nightly cleaning routine and just toss out the lenses, and have a brand-new, clean pair whenever he needed.

I suggested he switch to Bausch + Lomb Biotrue® ONEday daily disposable lenses. When he returned for a follow-up visit, he said the lenses provided sharp vision and outstanding comfort through the end of the day. Many other patients just like him—who want their contact lenses to perform well for exercise, digital device use, sports, and travel— have found that Biotrue® ONEday daily disposable lenses are a convenient, reliable, and healthy alternative to a two- week or monthly lens regimen.

I can heartily recommend Bausch + Lomb Biotrue® ONEday daily disposable lenses without reservation. They offer convenience that fits patients’ “on-the-go” lifestyles, as well as the overall health benefits of a fresh, new lens any time. From the front desk to the exam chair to dispensing, our office personnel clearly explain the benefits of Biotrue® ONEday daily disposable lenses and why we’re prescribing it for that particular patient. Our patients expect us to provide the best innovations, and realize the many advantages contact lenses offer. That’s why Biotrue® ONEday daily disposable lenses is a workhorse lens that truly drives my practice.

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