Coffee Collection By Desio Lenses

Desio Lenses presents a new range of colored contact lenses, the Coffee Collection, composed of four shades (black coffee, cherry coffee, cappuccino & espresso)for him and her, that evoke stories of distant and exotic lands

Nuances of the Coffee Collection give the eye a natural sensuality that manifests itself through bold and refined shades.


Desio Lenses, Espresso

Delicate hints of cream distilled in hazel, it is the quintessential coffee and the embodiment of wakefulness. This is expressed through its intense and robust flavor of the most precious moments, like the rush from a stolen glance or feelings of strong emotion and intoxication.


Desio Lenses, Cappuccino

A splendid infusion of creamy milk foam with warm brown tones, where opposites of light and dark swirl in perfect harmony. This affinity conjures a soft and mellow aftertaste, like a caress to your skin.

Cherry coffee

Desio Lenses, Cherry

In the lands bordering the Red Sea were born glossy and fleshy fruits, like cherries, that contain precious grains. Their powerful amaranth hue tones give warmth and depth to the eye in a daring and provocative blend that involves all five senses.

Black coffee

Desio Lenses, Black

Dark as night, hot as hell. Black gold tickles the head and the heart, a bittersweet elixir for the lips to feast on. It carries the excitement of a mystery meeting, wrapped in a look full of promises that releases euphoric sensations.

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