Safilens Launches Fusion 1Day Vista, Daily Contact Lens For Asthenopia!

Safilens launches fusion 1Day vista, claimed to be the first daily contact lens for Asthenopia that features an ingenious design called D-stress

The new D-Stress geometry is said to offer an enhanced depth of field and is designed to reduce eye strain commonly associated with daily activities that over-stress proximal vision, like the prolonged use of digital devices typical of many people’s lives today. The controlled release of natural substitutes for the tear film from the lens to the eye surface ensures long-lasting comfort in dry environments, like air-conditioned offices or when blinking is reduced in frequency or is incomplete (symptoms of CVS – Computer Vision Syndrome).


“The aim of this design is to ensure an anti-fatigue effect; that is, to alleviate the symptoms of eye strain, such as dry eye and headache and, at the same time, prevent them, ensuring less accommodation stress and comfortable focus throughout the entire day”, explained Alessandro Filippo, R&D manager for Safilens.

After fusion 1day (spherical), fusion 1day presbyo (for presbyopia) and fusion 1day astigma (for astigmatism), with fusion 1day vista, Safilens is claimed to be the first company in the world to develop a daily contact lens for asthenopia and to introduce the fourth segment to the daily contact lens market. In true Safilens tradition, this lens proves to be a real game-changer for the contact lens industry, confirming, once again, the ongoing commitment to research and innovation and the pioneering spirit of the Italian company.


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