Open Source Is The Answer To Digitalisation Of The Optical Industry

In this time of crisis and lack of proper direction on how to cope up with our business everyone must be looking for guidance. What’s needed today therefore is think of a new idea which will work well for everyone.

Siraj Bolar – Editor : VisionPlus Magazine

In our opinion it’s time like never before go in the direction of a method towards evolution. This in a way is the outcome of what our webinar ‘Bridging The Digital Gap In Eyewear Business’ where important minds spoke about the way ahead and made us think.

It is now obvious that there is a desire in everyone’s mind to do things together and collectively but as business has certain conditions (mainly that one needs to make profit) it’s really difficult that each one’s best idea can be combined with the other and make one as rule.

If something suits one company, and then however good friends they are with the owner/CEO/director of the other he has to counter it with another competing idea. This is proving to be counter-productive to the industry. Therefore, we all have to do business but simultaneously we have to promote and grow the industry. We find this effort at the top level of each company and they are all trying hard to do this.

Let’s speed up the process.

In the technology field, there’s a term called Open Source – where everyone shares their ideas and thoughts and one of the reason that technology has advanced so much is because of Open Source.

It allows the biggest to the smallest access to something that normally they would not have and the intention is to allow everyone a level playing field and share each one’s expertise and ideas. Inspite of Open Source, technology has been a good business for other companies. So open source and businesses can co-exist and grow.

Let us bring the same idea to Optical Industry. Do business the way you want to and they way you’ve been taught. Either by your family or by a management school. But share your ideas and your thoughts with the industry on an open source platform.

We have created as an open source platform for the B2B part of the optical industry. The day this works out well and we are ready to reach out to the consumer, we will offer as the open source for consumer segment.

Here’s how will work.

  1. All branding, marketing, communication etc will happen on this common platform.
  2. Regular polls will happen in to give the industry ideas about the wants and needs etc to the whole industry.
  3. Training will not be something that one has to compete with each other but rather offered openly to everyone.
  4. Banner ads and social media promotions will not an exhorbitant investment to the companies but rather something that does in partnership with all advertisers and their brands and also the opticians.

It will make all of us ONE!

A lot of you will say let’s do more than just the 4 points above. But our plan is to take first step with these four points as a test and keep adding more relevant points after seeing the response and knowing how it works. Baby steps are what’s required today.

We will be sending out a proposal to the attendees of the webinar shortly. Stay tuned.

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