Abeye With "Lexilens"

Abeye Wins The Special Price : Visual Health Award At Silmo 2019

Abeye’s Lexilens won the Special Price : Visual Health award at the Silmo d’Or 2019

Abeye Lexilens is an innovative reading aid eyewear for dyslexics.
Dyslexia makes reading difficult for 2 children per class on average. Abeye Lexilens leverages a recent scientific discovery on the probable cause of dyslexia to help dyslexics read easier and faster. Abeye Lexilens is the result of 2 years of collaborative research and development between Abeye and the Academic Laboratory that made the discovery.

Abeye Lexilens uses electronic lenses to filter out the mirrored images making the reading difficult. Lexilens provides an effect that is instantaneous, independent of native language, does not require any training and improves reading speed and ease in most common cases. Abeye Lexilens targets primarily children and will be available in spring 2020.


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