DIOPS 2015 – Korea On The Rise

This year’s show paid tribute to the 70th anniversary of the Korean optical industry with display of unique eyewear and the latest advances in technology

DIOPS Korea 2015
The event was attended by over 35,000 buyers from 28 countries

Where: Daegu, Korea
When: April 22-24, 2015

The 14th Daegu International Optical Show (DIOPS 2015) was held in Daegu, Korea, from April 22-24, 2015. The event, hosted by the Daegu Metropolitan City and organised by the Korea Optical Industry Agency (KOIA), attracted a lot of attention from the global optical industry and celebrated 70 years of Korean optical manufacture. With over 35,000 buyers (the highest so far) from 28 countries visiting the event, it proved to be a truly global networking platform.

Brad Templeton (Google Glass developer, U.S.) gave a presentation on the future prospects of wearable technology and its fusion with the optical industry. He suggested methods for cooperating with the automotive and medical industry as well. Dr Raymund Heinen, President and CEO, ZEISS Vision International GmbH, signed an MoU with KOIA to develop customised optical frames and agreed to work together on technology and research.

DIOPS 2015
Eyewear on display at the event

On his first visit to DIOPS, Frédéric Poux, CEO, Alain Afflelou, a French retail chain specialising in optical services and sales of the Alain Afflelou brand of eyewear, held meetings with Korean companies. He spoke of his belief in the high quality and unique design of Korean products and promised to further strengthen business relationships.

During the event, Luxottica Group had a fruitful discussion with KOIA for organising a workshop. The eyewear company was also open to exchanging design ideas with local companies and recruiting Korean designers in the process. Safilo Group, too, examined the possibility of collaborating with the local optical industry to further expand their presence in the global market.

This year’s event hosted many more buyers from China who showcased a keen interest in Korean brands

As compared to last year, this year’s event hosted many more buyers from China who showcased a keen interest in Korean brands. Many major Chinese associations also participated in DIOPS 2015, especially Shanghai Department store merchandisers who discussed the opening of Shanghai pop-up store to be held in June. Domestic buyers also participated on a large scale in the exhibition, which further improved business networking and sales.Various activities such as 70th anniversary ceremony with photo gallery, Korea Eyewear Design Competition, Beauty DIOPS Change Gallery & Optical Beauty Show, Export Consultation Meeting, Eyewear Festival, DIOPS Night, Academic Program for Optometry, KOA Continuing Education, GOC (Global Optometry Conference), International Optical Conference, Overseas Buyer Tour, and Glasses & Culture K-Style, were held during the three-day event.

The DIOPS Secretariat stated, “Looking at this year’s success, we will put much more efforts to develop Daegu to be the best representative of the optical industry.”

The next DIOPS will be held from April 21-23, 2016, in Daegu, Korea.




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