Great Start To The 2015 Daegu International Optical Show

Over 30,000 are expected to attend from over 30 countries, including 1,500 buyers

The 13th Daegu International Optical Show (DIOPS 2014) was held in Korea from April 16 to April 18. 203 companies showcased their products, including lens, contact lens, optics and accessories, in an exhibit area of 20,077 sq.m. The show was one of the largest ever held.

DIOPS 2015
Over 70 per cent booths at DIOPS 2015 have already been reserved.

During the 3-day exhibition, a total of $8.8 million of export consultation was conducted, with a $30 million contract expected to be signed between participating companies, from both Korea and overseas. Numerous “Made in Korea” house brands participated in the event. “Eco Zen-eye”, made from eco-friendly eyeglass material, and “Polycarbonate lens”, the first in bullet-proof prescription lens, were positively received by the visitors.

Also, DIOPS 2014 arranged a “1:1 export business meeting” to provide networking opportunities to Korea’s premium eyeglass makers and buyers. DIOPS has thus become an eyeglass show that represents Asia.

Thanks to these achievements, Korea Optical Industry Support Centre (DIOPS Secretariat), who hosts the show, is committed to making DIOPS 2015 an even more successful event. It is offering a platform to market indigenous eyeglass brands to a global market by exhibiting products featuring diverse designs, ideas and technologies. Made in Korea brands, including house brands such as GENTLE MONSTER, which have been garnering a good reputation in the overseas market as well as in Korea, have proven to be popular during the show. It is expected that they will participate in the 14th DIOPS with unique products to attract visitors. A lot of efforts are being put in to attract new buyers from the Southeast Asia and Middle East regions. The DIOPS Secretariat is communicating with many buyers from around the world and has received positive responses from many of them.

The 14th DIOPS will be presented with a newly designed logo, poster and a more refined image. 2015 commemorates the 70th year of the Korean eyeglass manufacturing industry (1945-2015), and a variety of associated events are planned during the DIOPS such as the “Night of Eyeglass Makers”, a global networking party on the eve of DIOPS, “70th year of Korea Eyeglass Manufacturing” for merit award ceremonies, “DIOPS opening ceremony & VIP luncheon”, 15th “Exhibition of Korea Eyeglass Design Contest Winners and Award Ceremony” and “2015 Daegu Eyeglass Festival”.

Thanks to these efforts, over 70 per cent booths have already been reserved. The DIOPS Secretariat is offering a 2-night stay for the convenience of buyers during the exhibition, and is accepting requests on a first-come-first-serve basis. The 14th DIOPS 2015 will be held from 22nd to 24th April, 2015 in Dague, Korea (EXCO).

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