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The optician, an important link between the brand and the customer, holds the power and responsibility of ensuring proper eye care for the customer while keeping the brand in mind. So who better than the optician to vote for brands?

Do you know if the brands are listening? Of course, you do! You, the optician, know what the customer wants and what the brands deliver. You have a unique power which allows you to vote for brands and help them receive recognition from the coveted members of the optical community. Voting for brands which best reflect the taste and serve the optical needs of the customers is a step forward, towards recognising the efforts and achievements of the members of the optical trade. Through the sixth edition of the prestigious CiO VP Awards the opticians, you, have an opportunity to show the brand and eyewear manufacturers what the customer wants. The CiO VP Awards which will take place in Cairo on April 11, 2020, is the perfect platform to celebrate the optical community.

This year again, VP Awards is being hosted in collaboration with CiO and the awards continue to be one of the most important events of the optical industry.

Like the previous issues, this issue of the awards promises fun, excitement and motivation and much more. The prestigious awards is the perfect way to celebrate the uniqueness of the middle eastern optical industry.

Brand owners or their licensed distributors in the MENA region can submit their entries online on the VP Awards portal There is no limit to the number of entries that can be submitted. The first round of nominations will be selected by a special jury comprising of extremely knowledgeable, experienced and influential people of the eyewear industry.

The online voting process for opticians will begin after the top 5 nominations are selected by the jury. Opticians and practitioners from all across the region will get an opportunity to vote for the brands that according to them reflected the taste of the customers in the best possible way. The best and most voted brands will be honoured on stage at the gala award ceremony as they take home the coveted CiO VP Awards’ trophy.

Set Your Dates
Jan 15, 2020: Last date for brands to submit the entries
Feb 15, 2020: Jury Nomination
Feb 15 - Mar 31, 2020: Online Voting for Opticians
Apr 11, 2020: CiO VP Awards Ceremony

Worried you might miss the voting dates? You don’t need to. 
Simply log on to and register yourself. 
We’ll remind you when it’s time to cast your vote.
The Awards Ceremony
In order to make your experience more productive and inspiring, 
VisionPlus Awards 2020 has associated with 
Cairo International Optical Fair (CIO). 
CIO is one of the most celebrated events in the optical industry. 
After gaining exposure in the first session, which actually resulted in the 
growth of the commercial market in the region, 
CIO is all geared up to host the next session.

The award ceremony will be held on the second day of the CIO exhibition.
CiO VP Awards Award Categories
Best New Spectacle Frame (Luxury, Designer, Niche, Popular )
Best New Sunglass Model (Luxury, Designer, Niche, Popular )
Best New Sports Eyewear
Best New Children's Eyewear
Most Popular Lens (Progressive, Best Value)
Most Popular Lens Coating/Value Add
Most Popular Contact Lens (Ophthalmic, Coloured)
Most Popular Contact Lens Solution
Best Value Enhancer (Retail)
Special Jury Award

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