IVI initiates ‘‘Opt for Optometry: Help Prevent ‘Preventable’ Blindness’’

Launch of awareness campaign supported by Essilor India Pvt. Ltd.

IVI-News-Letter---May-2013-12IVI initiated ‘Opt for Optometry: Help Prevent ‘Preventable’ Blindness’,  an awareness campaign with Times Education Boutique in Chennai (4-5 May 2013) and Kolkata (11-12 May 2013). Aksauhini, the all India strategic plan launched by IVI identified the need to promote optometry as a rewarding and fulfilling career option.

Four optometry institutes each in Chennai and Kolkata participated in this annual education and career fair and interacted with prospective students, teachers and parents to discuss available options for pursuing optometry as a career. The program is expected to contribute to increased student intake in optometry institutions in the two cities.

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