Mido 2014 : Getting Better Every Year

Optics, optometry, ophthalmology… the annual exhibition, ‘Mido’ held in Milan this year gave a complete picture of the vision industry to visitors.

Exhibitors from 49 countries marked their calendars from March 1 to 3 this year for Mido, the international trade show for the optical industry. Held at the Fieramilano Rho-Pero center in Milan, the 44th edition of this show saw an influx of public input to attract visitors. For one, a tie up with Milan’s Bocconi University resulted in a brainstorming of ideas by students completing a Master’s in Marketing and Communication. Some innovative ideas later, two proposals were accepted and implemented under Mido’s supervision.

Different activities were also held throughout the city, including a pop-up runway show that culminated following days of local promotions, guerilla marketing and even teasers posted on social networking sites. And there were several more reasons for Mido 2014 to shine through this year. The 3-day event was visited by more than 45,000 people, 25,000 from other countries and 20,000 from Italy.


While Pavilion 9 became the home ground of Mido Tech, with its display of machinery and equipment, the Fair East Pavilion and Pavilion 11 housed exhibitors from Asia. The Mido Fashion District for frame companies played strong in Pavilion 13, and the Press Village displayed its trade magazines in Pavilion 15. A new Design Technologies area was in place exclusively for suppliers of raw materials in Pavilion 22, the Mido Design Lab in Pavilion 24 and for the 1,100 exhibitors, this new layout worked well indeed. As Giovanni Vitaloni, VP, Mido and ANFAO, says, “Mido should, on the one hand, enable companies to offer their products as effectively as possible and, on the other, give visitors a complete overview of industry production, in a quick and functional way.”

But then, this was not the only pleasant surprise for exhibitors. Following the insights gained from Bocconi, the Beststand Award and Midounvolto were given out. Visitors voted for the best ‘man’ standing using the MidoApp and the mobile site. Some vigorous voting later, first time exhibited Silvian Heach was declared winner. And the prize? Their choice of exhibition space in Mido 2015. The contest over and done with, there followed a large party for all the youth and afficionados who loved eyewear. Music was contributed by DJ Alex Farolfi, La Pina and Diego from Radio Deejay and for those who missed the event, blogger Silvia Paoli regaled them with some live tweeting.

“We are very happy with this 2014 Mido show. Things went far better than expected,” said President Cirillo Marcolin. “We look forward to seeing everybody at Mido 2015 – slated to take place from 28th February to 2nd March. We are already working on an event that will continue to be a business generator and a networking opportunity for all people working in the eyewear industry,” he added.


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