MIDO 2016: International Presence Continues To Soar

More sections, more exhibitors and more visitors, MIDO 2016 closed its 46th year with standing out results that were all more…

607174853AB00039_MIDO_2016_The 46th edition of MIDO successfully concluded with standing out results including increased exhibition space, a rise in number and quality of exhibitors. There were 106 new entries and the best of the industry from all over the world made its presence felt plus the new all-time record of over 52,000 visitors, which was up by 7 percent from 2015 exhibition.

“Our challenge was not just to repeat the success of last year”, commented the President of MIDO, Cirillo Marcolin, “but to try and do more. Thanks to participation and input from all the companies, buyers and media who confirmed their confidence in us, we have once again managed to reaffirm the world leadership position of this big event. The quality of products, events and guests we saw at MIDO are proof of the excellent results we have achieved again this year”.

One of the highlights of this edition was the launch of MORE!, a satellite area of the already popular Design Lab that hosts the most daring and innovative companies, and will be connected to it by a tunnel. A workshop for ideas, concepts and experimentation, MORE! proved to be home to the companies that make creativity, design ingenuity and innovation their trademarks. Among these were the exhibitors from the Lab Academy at their second edition, after last year’s successful venture.

In addition to the Design Lab and MORE!, MIDO continued to amaze its visitors with other themed areas – the Fashion District, an exclusive space that will host the big name global players and SMEs that draw inspiration from the world of fashion; Lenses, for the leaders in the lens sector; Tech, the largest exhibit area in the world dedicated to machines, raw materials and components; the FAIR East Pavilion, an exclusive area for the top 607174853AB00067_MIDO_2016_Asian companies; and Otticlub, designed for opticians, with an area dedicated to seminars, conferences, education and training.

For the third year running, visitors to MIDO also got to vote and judge for the BESTAND AWARD. Compared to previous editions, MIDO 2016 saw a 100 percent increase in exhibition-related content and interaction. The official hashtag #MIDO2016 featured in over 10,000 Instagram posts and Tweets, while since the opening of the event, the number of Facebook fans has increased by more than 2000.

“Feedback from exhibitors”, commented the Vice President of MIDO Giovanni Vitaloni, “says it all about the positive, proactive mood that dominated at this edition, strengthening our conviction that continual, relentless dedication to research and scouting for new businesses is the right way to go”.

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