New Trends At The International Vision Expo

Find out what’s trending from the hottest designers and manufacturers at the International Vision Expo West 2015

As anticipating it is, Vision Expo West keeps on getting better and better with each update! This year one can find here the perfect stop for getting information and shopping  for the newest product launches, lines and licenses from renowned brands and emerging designers, and materials that one can find no where else.Print

Some other plus points include hands-on product demonstrations and comparisons of new technology side-by-side. Preview advances further with spectacle lens technology and medical equipments debuted by the world’s leading manufacturers.

International Vision Expo West 2015 in Las Vegas will let one immerse in this visionary combination of education, fashion and technology, having the largest collection of high-fashion eyewear and accessories, sportswear, sunwear, wearables, lens technology, contact lens and leading-edge medical equipment. It becomes a primal spot for everything essential to grow one’s practice and business exponentially.

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