OPTI 2017: A Festival Of The Stars

Exhibitors and visitors will find many revolutionary insights of the eyewear trade in the three day festival of optics and design

Where: Munich, Germany

When: Jan 28-30, 2017

Opti in Munich presents itself from 28th to 30th of January, 2017 with four halls filled with information, innovation and participation of the eyewear industry celebrities. As one of the biggest international trade show of optics and design, the event will comprise of an entire spectrum of optics’ presentation ranging from frames, ophthalmic lenses, contact lenses and low-vision products as well as shop set-up and technical equipments. The halls of the event will be filled with the latest trends to catch up with for the trade audience. opti-picture

“90 percent of the hall space is already booked half a year in advance. Fact is, we can expect great things from the registered companies. They all have one thing in common. They do not make compromises when it comes to their presentations. Everyone does their best to inspire the fans at this most progressive trade show of the industry,” explains Dieter Dohr, CEO of GHM Gesellschaft für Handwerksmessen mbH.

For the upcoming edition, a new feature is planned with every optician having 28 hours – one hour more than at the previous events – to discover new products and features such as the main topic ‘optic 4.0 – Digital Solutions’. The purpose of this event will be to highlight the role of digitisation for opticians today and in the future. Exhibitors with respective digital measuring and manufacturing technologies for lenses, contact lenses and frames are specifically labelled in the catalogue, and the opti app will help make it easier for visitors to find
these exhibitors.

2016_yes-area-young-eye-styles-colourful-design-by-patty-paillette-c4-529-hall-c4Another highlight will be in the !HOT area in Hall C1. Classics will celebrate their comeback in the ‘Vintage Passion’ area. It is the meeting point for collectors, fans and buyers of browline, cateye or panto shaped glasses. Numerous collectors from all over Europe will light up the area with their favourite pieces. Whether it’s the metal or rimless glasses of the 1930s, the cellulose acetate frames of the 1960s or the oversized, colourful frames of the 1970s – all glasses have their own story to tell and embody a certain time period.

The opti forum in 2017 will also serve as the stage for frame designs. Sessions will be held each day of the event wherein the icons of glasses design will meet newcomers. Old masters and rookies will discuss the reasons why certain trends had a lasting influence during a specific time periods. This will therefore help exhibitors and trade visitors to gain special insights into design work and marketing.

The year 2019 will be bigger and better for opti and its exhibitors. The 2019 edition of opti will see the addition of two newly built halls, C5 and C6. In the future, a committee with the name ‘Seed Session– the future panel’ will develop new ideas in cooperation with the opti organiser GHM Gesellschaft für Handwerksmessen mbH in order to prepare the favourite trade show of the industry to an even better scale. Representatives from the industry and ophthalmic optics will be seen participating in this endeavour.

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