Silmo Paris 2019

Silmo Academy @ Silmo Paris 2019

Always well-attended by opticians and vision specialists, SILMO ACADEMY will be held on Sunday, Sep 29, 2019 on the theme of “refraction”, for which the full programme of lectures and speakers will be specified at a later date

Silmo Paris 2019 - Silmo Academy
Silmo Paris 2019 – Silmo Academy

From its beginnings, the “SILMO ACADEMY has set itself the objective of guiding optical and ophthalmological professionals in their approach to excellence by offering workshops and a scientific seminar through which they may perfect their knowledge and speak with experts in each field.”

This training commitment goes hand-in-hand with research. For the fourth consecutive year, the Silmo Academy Scientific Council will award a grant of €10,000 to an optical vision scientific research project. The competition is open to all researchers and research teams who wish to apply, following a selection process.

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