Silmo Istanbul 2015 Exceeds Expectations

Held from 10th to 13th December, 2015, Silmo Istanbul emerged as an excellent networking platform for the local and international optical trade community

Where: Istanbul Expo Centre, Turkey

When: Dec 10-13, 2015


alpino_23546016993_oThe latest edition of Silmo Istanbul, held from 10th to 13th of December 2015, welcomed a total of 8,970 visitors, surpassing the count of 7,945 visitors at the 2014 event. The final figures of footfall indicate a rise of 12.9 percent as compared to the previous editions.

The exhibition was held at the Istanbul Expo Centre, in the largest city of Turkey. The location was ideal as Turkey is like the crossroads between Europe and the Balkans, Central Asia, the Near and Middle East and North Africa.This in turn results in an excellent networking platform that allows the trade community from various regions to connect and exchange information.

The exhibition lasted for a duration of four days. During the course of the exhibition, visitors got to update themselves with the latest in eyewear and eye-care technology.  In Halls 9 and 10 of the Istanbul Expo Centre, Silmo Istanbul 2015 hosted 106 exhibitors in an 8,000 square meter exhibition area. The exhibitors consisted of manufacturers from the Turkish optics and eyewear industry and international companies as well. At a wider level, companies from both Europe and Asia involved in every aspect of the sector. These included frames, lenses, contact lenses, materials, services, etc.mercan-optik_23544707054_o

Breaking its own records, Silmo Istanbul 2015 saw an impressive rise in the number of visitors and thus its reach in the optical business, from both Turkish and international visitors that included independent opticians, chains, manufacturers, distributors, institutions, etc. The exhibition housed a majority of Turkish professionals who showed up in massive numbers that totalled to 8,405 people. This number was up by 11.3 percent from the 2014 total of 7,552. And with the aim to attract considerably higher numbers of international visitors, Silmo Istanbul 2015 exhibition also witnessed an acute rise of 43 percent (565 in 2015 vs. 393 in 2014) in terms of international guests.

The organisers of Silmo Istanbul (Silmo Association and Comexposium for France, 24 Saat Ajans, publisher for the past 12 years of the trade journal 4Eyes, for Turkey) were also happy with the surge in visitor numbers. The organisers confirmed their plan to continue promoting interest in this new trade fair on the international calendar of optics and eyewear events. The next edition of Silmo Istanbul has been scheduled for 8th to 11th of December, this year.

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