Tokai Optecs NV on board for VisionPlus EXPO 2022

Here is some fantastic news for buyers coming to the VisionPlus EXPO this year: Tokai has confirmed its participation at this year's event!

Tokai is known for its uniqueness. Tokai obtained its uniqueness by continuously innovating the lens materials, lens designs, treatments and high tech manufacturing processes. They offer an extensive and unique range of lenses answering every customer’s needs. This means visitors to this year’s VisionPlus EXPO can look forward to an impressive display from this global brand along with many more that have an exciting line-up curated especially for the event.

Recognized as one of the leaders in ophthalmic lenses, Tokai offers a series of impressive products in the single vision and multifocal categories. Their Lutina lenses help to preserve the lutein in the eyes as they are cutting 94% of High Energy Violet Light (400 – 420 nm). They are also the only company who offers lenses in 1.76 index and have many unique and high performing coatings to offer. Remarkable coatings are the no reflection coating, ideal for people spending a lot of time in-front of light emitting objects and  the neutral color coating which maintains natural color perception but at the same time reduces the glare and increases the contrast. Besides these eyecatchers, Tokai also developed unique fluorine based coatings such as the max shield coating and ultra shield coating which not only offer a greater wearing experience and a high performance but also the best vision possible. At last, Tokai also has a range of specialities – polar lenses, night drive lenses and many others – that are sure to interest buyers.

This is what Mr. Kurt Leuridan (CEO – Tokai) had to say about TOKAI’s participation in VisionPlus Expo 2022:

“We look forward to being present at this important exhibition, VisionPlus EXPO, to introduce our unique products in the UAE. The UAE counts many highly skilled optometrists who are interested in high-tech products, based on neuroscience. As Tokai is the only lens manufacturer using neuroscience, Tokai is indispensable at this exhibition. Our unique products and technologies improve customers’ experiences and respond to their needs. We expect many visitors who would like to experience the strengths of our high-tech products. I look forward to welcoming you all.”

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