Varilux Cup 2012 – Pune opticians cricket match

60 people from Pune’s optical industry trained for over a month in the latter half of 2012 to participate in the Varilux Cup 2012, a decade old annual cricket tournament held in the city.

Pune-Varilux-Cup-2012Held at the BMCC College Grounds in Pune, the event was organized in association with the Pune Optical Association (POA) and the Pune Optical Trade Association (POTA).

The final match was held on 10th December, 2012 and the competition was held between 4 teams – Varilux Liberty, Varilux Ellipse, Varilux Comfort and Varilux Physio. Of these, Varilux Liberty and Varilux Comfort made it to the finals and Varilux Comfort was announced as the winner of Varilux Cup 2012.

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