Vora Optics Organizes Optical Exhibition In Hyderabad

Vora Optics, in collaboration with Optics lndia Equipments and Optilab of Anand, Gujarat organized an exhibition on eye-clinic equipments and optical workshop machineries on 4-5th Jan, 2014. The event was held within the premises of Vora Optics in Hyderabad.

(From-L-R) Vijay Vora, Guru Shri Gani Saheb and Vimal Vora

The event was inaugurated by Sri Gani Sahab, the ‘guru’ of Mr Vijay Vora and Mr Vimal Vora of Vora Optics. Sri Gani Sahab is also an optical craftsman and a senior optical technician, at the age of 80.

The two-day event received favourable response from the optical community in and around Andhra Pradesh. The event saw in attendance, several opticians, optometrists, ophthalmologists and technical experts from the optical industry.

Speaking about the event, Mr Vimal Vora said, “We are very happy with the turnout here, and it has all been possible with the blessings from our elders. I thank Mr Shashank Desai and Mr Ajay Parekh of Optilab and Optics India Equipments respectively, for organizing such an event for the benefit of the optical industry in Hyderabad.”

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