VP Awards Trophy Design By Heth Gajjar – Personifies Innovation. Ignites Desire.

Heth Gajjar, daughter of Harish Gajjar, has conceived and designed the VP Awards trophy. She reveals her experience and inspiration, the most important factor being the exclusivity of the VP Awards trophy.

VP Awards initiative by FourPlus Media has created a stir in the Indian optical industry. This latest initiative that is aimed at recognising the efforts and achievements of some of the most successful personalities and business houses of the Indian optical fraternity has provided the opticians across India, a voice.

Haat Gajjar
Heth Gajjar

Apart from opening new channels for the optical industry, VP Awards also created a platform for the upcoming and promising youthful designer, Heth Gajjar, to experience the event closely and in return bring her fresh ideas to the eyewear industry through VP Awards. Heth intends to launch ‘Heth Eye Couture’ – an exclusive, customized, handcrafted designer eyewear manufacturing unit, pretty soon this year. Being a part of the Gajjar family, she is well aware of the workings of the optical industry and is looking forward to contributing in her own way.

For her VP Awards is an exciting event and she hopes to receive the award one day for contributing to the Indian eyewear industry. Well, that is one of the inspiration for her to ideate on a trophy design which not only is conceptual but also creates a desire to possess one, that for sure is a good way to motivate innovation in the eyewear industry.

Optic Plus issue for the month of November December 2006Heth mentioned that until now she has been only working towards creating designer eyewear. “Designing the VP Awards is something new for me and visiting through the whole process has been exciting. I enjoyed it“, she adds enthusiastically. “Design for me is about uniqueness, it defines the personality of the designer and most importantly is the representation of ones idea and personality.

Heth is all in for wild and funky when it comes to fashion. “Fashion is ever changing, there is a lot of potential in the eyewear innovation and fashion in India. There is so much to learn from global eyewear industry“.

Future of Indian eyewear design is fun, innovative, exciting and challenging. There has been a tremendous change that reflects acceptance for newness and funkiness. It is now not just about prescription but exclusively about trendy and fashionable eyewear. People are now aware and they are cool to new things“.

Heth believes that anything and everything can be designed. While she is meticulous in her approach towards designing, she points out that the first thing for her is to come to clarity on the material that she would want to use. For VP Awards trophy design, Heth has worked from design to the end product, keeping an eye for the right material to suit the design.

The trophy is symbolic to flame that keeps forth the passion for innovation and constantly keeps the spirit for newness alive. When held horizontally it is noticed as an eye. The focus is to create a spark with the trophy design that is eye catching and heart throbbing.

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