Optiswiss Offers Top Visual Performance With Full Eye Protection

Immerse yourself in the world of S- Fusion Sports Glasses from Optiswiss. Optiswiss Sports lenses are suitable for the requirements of many different types of sports.

They offer a high degree of visual comfort and optimum performance thanks to an unlimited field of vision. Perfect safety and protection from external environmental influences, such as harmful UV radiation, glare, draughts, external forces, and impacts are also guaranteed.Combine perfect vision, the lightest of materials and eye protection into a new pair of sports glasses.

The Optiswiss Sport S-Fusion line is based on detailed analysis of the specific visual challenges when it comes to sport. The S-Fusion sport lenses offer optimal binocular vision, a maximal panoramic view with many colour and material combinations, ensuring excellent vision and safety.

Made with Swiss Fusion technology, Sport S-Fusion lenses offer

1. Exceptional vision – thanks to a specific conversion for sports glasses
2. Optimal all-round protection – against UV rays, wind, and dust
3. Excellent Durability – thanks to the highest quality standards
4. Customised Solution – developed for the needs of every wearer of glassesA special combination for a perfect panoramic view

Based on our special sports calculation, the design of the Sport S-Fusion lenses maximises the field of vision to ensure a panoramic view with optimal clarity. Binocular vision remains unchanged regardless of the viewing angle!


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