OCI and Jutron Vision Host Pediatric Vision Workshop

Goodlite Vision Academy, USA in association with Jutron Vision, India conducted a two-day hands-on workshop on ‘Pediatric Visual System Assessment in normal and special children’ at Dr Shroff’s Charitable Eye Hospital. Optometry Council of India (OCI) and Lotus College of Optometry were the knowledge partners for this two-day event.

A total of 44 registrants from across the country attended this event which included optometrists based in hospitals, independent optometry practitioners, optometry faculty, optometry students, pediatric ophthalmology and optometry fellows as well as pediatric ophthalmologists. Each day was divided into two sessions the first half covered important topics in visual assessment by eminent speakers while the second session covered the hands-on workshop in different stations. The event was spearheaded under the leadership of Dr Suma Ganesh who is the deputy medical director, chairperson, and Head of Pediatric ophthalmology strabismus at Dr Shroff’s Charitable Eye Hospital. The two-day workshop featured a lineup of distinguished speakers including Dr. Suma Ganesh, Dr. Prema K Chande, Prof. Monica Chaudhry, Mr. Prem Kumar Singh, Ms. Gayathri Prabhu, and Ms. Rupali Singh.

The workshop covered a range of topics related to optometry assessment and management. One station focused on evaluating pediatric vision, using specialized charts such as LEA paddles, LEA symbols, and LEA number charts, which are specifically designed for different age groups. Another station taught attendees how to measure accommodation and vergence using various methods, such as Near Point of Accommodation (NPA) and Near Point of Convergence (NPC). Participants also learned about oculomotor assessment techniques, including DEM, saccades, and pursuits. A visual field assessment station covered different tools such as an LEA wand, finger puppets, tangent screen, and whiteboard and target. The workshop also covered contrast sensitivity and color vision assessment, including LEA CS visual charts, Ishiharas, and the D-15 test. Lastly, attendees learned about the use of prisms for diplopia management and field expansion. Overall, the workshop provided a comprehensive overview of optometric assessment techniques for various conditions and age groups.

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