Optometry Council Of India At 16th VISION 2020 Conference

The 16th VISION2020 conference in Siliguri was successfully hosted by Siliguri Greater Lions Eye hospital from 3rd to 4th September 2022.

VISION2020 has witnessed a steady rise in number of Optometrist attending the conference every year. Optometry council of India (OCI) has paved the way to increase optometry contribution in eye care by participating in Vision 2020 meetings held over the past decade. OCI visibility at the conference were through: 2 oral presentations, one poster presentation, one panel discussion and a contact lens workshop.

Oral Presentation on Farmer’s project: A pilot project to assess the ocular health, work related ocular needs as well as hazards and compliance in using safety wear among farmers.

Oral presentation on Vision For a Cause project: Implementation of REACH protocol for government school going children by trained Optometrist and Optometry students.

Poster presentation on World sight day 2021 initiative: OCI’s initiative and completion of screening 1 lakh population in 100 days.

OCI was invited to conduct a work shop on contact lens fitting and care for registered participants. Alcon representative Mr Rupam Sinha, conducted the contact lens workshop on behalf of OCI.

Mrs. Lakshmi Shinde, CEO of OCI, was invited to share her thoughts on the “Primary eye care team” as part of identifying strategies to achieve targets of 2030 in Sight and be part of panel discussion. OCI represented the Optometry profession and reinforced the need of a competent primary eye care team comprising of Optometrist to eradicate preventable blindness.

OCI representatives actively participated in sharing the views on current status of legalisation and practising rights of Optometrists in India.


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