Mr. Aditya Goyal And Dr. Venkatramana Kalikivayi Selected As Optometry Representative Into The Interim Commission For Regulation And Legislation Of Optometry in India

In March 2021, the Indian Government passed the National Commission for Allied and healthcare professionals (NCAHP) act, through which Optometry was to be regulated as a healthcare profession. Optometry, ophthalmic assistants and vision technicians are listed under the “Ophthalmic science council”. Optometry as a healthcare and the latter two as allied professions.

Following the passing of the act, an interim commission was formed under the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare which will exist for a period of 2 years and will oversee the implementation of the act in various sub-specialties. Each of the professions under healthcare were offered representations of 2 professionals into the interim commission.

Mr. Aditya Goyal and Dr. Venkatramana Kalikivayi were amongst those selected as optometry representative into the interim commission in June 2022.

According to Lakshmi Shinde of Optometry Council of India, “This is a landmark achievement for the profession of optometry in India. These two individuals in consultation with professional bodies will now lay the foundation for registration and legislation of the profession. Meanwhile, the ministry also invited OCI representatives for a meeting where, they requested our support in regards to data collection of not only optometrists but also other professionals such as ophthalmic assistants and vision technicians.”

She further added,”Optometry Council of India (OCI) met with Government officials of the interim commission and submitted recommendations for the profession. OCI also regularly communicated with the members of the interim commission about certain courses which did not adhere to the nomenclature recommended by the government, such as B.Voc (Optometry), meaning optometry being offered as vocational course.

In May 2022, OCI submitted a list of optometry professionals (one from each state of India) as nominees, who would represent the profession of optometry in the interim commission. There were 22 nominees which OCI recommended to the Ministry of Health & Family welfare, and these nominations had to also be individually forwarded by the respective state governments as well to the central ministry. “

Representatives from OCI meeting Ms Hekali Zhimomi: member of the interim commission and joint secretary, Ministry of health.



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