Etnia Barcelona Dives Underwater

Etnia Barcelona presents its new UNDERWATER campaign, transporting us to a surreal and hypnotic universe that evokes the mystery of the deep sea

Etnia Barcelona seeks to unravel the mysteries of the deep sea through a journey of creative and surreal exploration. UNDERWATER recreates an underwater universe inhabited by mystical beings, where flora and fauna mesmerise with the beauty and richness of their colours.

Moreover, UNDERWATER is a universe created through artificial intelligence. Etnia Barcelona’s new campaign invites us to explore the mysteries of the underwater world while reflecting on the coexistence of human creativity with artificial intelligence to create a surprising world.

This surreal universe is also reflected in the designs of the new collection. UNDERWATER includes 22 new models, 18 for prescription and 4 for sunglasses, with colour variations. The collection, inspired by the underwater world, combines a palette of translucent tones, evoking reflections of light in the water, with solid colors inspired by underwater flora and fauna. Furthermore, the glasses bear names related to marine imagery such as Arrecife, Posidonia, Anemona, or Coral, among many others.

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