Sea2See Eyewear’s Marine Journey

The journey the fish markets of Seoul

All Sea2see frames are produced entirely in Italy with upcycled marine plastic. Each frame will finance the collection of 1kg of marine plastic. The image series has been fully integrated as a key focus of the Sea2see visual campaign for 2024, acting as a reminder that in all parts of the world, the problems of plastic contamination remains critical, even if unseen in daily life or in places such as local fish markets which are completely reliant on the bounty of the sea.

Model Barracuda is one of Sea2see’s timeless sunglasses with a sports fashion edge. The frame is light and resistant, and benefits from high quality UV400 Cat 3 Italian Polycarbonate sun lenses.

Model Orca is a bold sports-oriented style offered in four colours including bright red with a black flash lens. The frame also features UV400 Cat 3 Italian Polycarbonate sun lenses.


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