VP India Mar-Apr 2024


Prepare for the highly anticipated VisionPlus EXPO 2024 in Dubai, where the world’s top eyewear brands converge. Boasting a record number of exhibitors, this event solidifies its status as the optical industry’s fastest-growing showcase. Adding to the excitement is the prestigious 8th edition of The ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ AWARDS, recognising outstanding achievements.

Delve into Trends for a glimpse of Oscar-worthy eyewear and explore Sea2See’s eco-friendly journey in Brand Profile. In-Focus features a captivating conversation with Mr Ketan Parikh, revealing the 40-year journey of Sterling Meta Plast. Optha Talk emphasises Binocular Vision Assessment for children’s eye health.

Galleria and Off The Shelf unveil the latest fashion trends. Stay connected through Blogspot, Celebwatch, and our social media for exclusive content.

Dive in and enjoy!

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