Everyday Elegance From Stepper

There is something undeniably luxurious about rimless eyewear. When done well, these (often) minimalist styles become real statement pieces as well as practical day-to-day companions.The STEPPER SI-93683 is a beautiful example of this iconic style.

On this model, the feminine eye shape is complimented by the thinnest of metalwork,’ notes Hans Stepper, STEPPER EYEWEAR, ‘Hi-tech Beta-Titanium is perfect for purpose here; allowing wafer-thin design with a strength and durability that belies the ultra-fine look.’

Weighing a remarkable feather-light 3.4g, the SI-93683 promises day-long comfort. With the added benefit of hypoallergenic properties, your face will love this frame no matter how long you wear it.

Looking at the wearer, the frameless design all but disappears, oozing sophistication with its contemporary preciseness. From the wearer’s perspective they benefit from almost unobstructed and natural vision.

‘Undeniable aesthetics, great functionality and brilliant optical properties make ths frame an informed and wise choice for those who want great looks and practicality,’ adds Hans.

The SI-93683 is available in multiple choices to compliment a wide range of skin tones.


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