CiO 2019 : Broadening Its Horizon

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Cairo International Optical Fair 2019, a three day event held at the Hotel Royal Maxim Kempinski, Cairo, Egypt; From Apr 12 to 14, 2019 was a testimony to the potential of Egypt as a regional deal maker for the Middle East.

Cairo International Optical Fair is growing as a sectoral trade event and has managed to secure commendable success since its inception in 2018. The event brought exhibitors from across the globe under one roof, and was successful in creating a platform that could be considered as unparalleled in the Middle Eastern North Africa Region to showcase brands, products, new and improved technologies in the emerging markets of  Egypt and Middle East.

The event welcomed about 5000 visitors from around the world over a span of 3 days last year and had a larger turnout of visitors as well as exhibitors this year as well.

The ‘cherry on the cake’ as you may call it, was the CiO VP Awards 2019. The awards was hosted on the 2nd say of the fair, i.e 13th April 2019. VP Awards is a well-established award show of the Middle Eastern Optical Industry and has been held since the last few years in Dubai. This year, however, recognising the potential of Egypt, the event was moved to Cairo International Optical Fair.

18 categories had a winner each and were honoured with the trophy and a certificate of excellence, at VP Awards’ night. Every winner was worthy of the title. Click on link below to know more about the winners.

Winners of CiO VP Awards 2019

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